Meet Our Team

The team at Midwest Design Imports, Inc. is dedicated to our customers and work hard to ensure we provide the best services and products possible. With a team of knowledgeable and dedicated people, you can work with us knowing that we will do everything we can to help you and your business. Learn more about our team below and check out our services and collection of products to get started!

Hal Mangelsen Meet our team

Hal Mangelsen


Hal Mangelsen is Midwest Design Imports Inc.’s President/Owner. In this role, he oversees the whole company. He still travels with our sourcing team to Asia. He still has a great eye for product. Hal has been with Midwest Design Imports since 1999 when he started the company. The company has grown from 2 people (including himself) working in a small office in downtown Lincoln to a 30,000 square foot office and warehouse with 14 employees.

Hal’s favorite food is steak and boy does he make a mean steak. His favorite place to travel is in the Caribbean. During the summer, you will often see Hal around his smoker smoking pork butt, brisket, and salmon.

Kristin Mangelsen meet our team

Kristin Mangelsen

Executive Vice President

Kristin Mangelsen is Midwest Design Imports Inc.’s Executive Vice President. In this role, she is responsible for all of the sourcing, product development, and buying for MDI, as well as overseeing the marketing and sales. Kristin has been with Midwest Design Imports since 2013. She travels to Asia twice a year to meet with factories and find new factories to start doing business with.

Kristin’s favorite food is Mexican and her favorite place in the world is her family’s cabin in Wood River, Nebraska. Kristin has a Miniature Australian Shepherd named Zona who comes to the office almost every day. Zona is a favorite around the office for sure. While traveling home from Asia in 2015, Kristin met Shaquille O’Neal in the airport.

Zoey Flanagan meet our team

Zoey Flanigan


Zoey Flanigan is Midwest Design Imports Inc.’s Designer. In this role, she works on designing and developing the visions of our customers. Zoey designs and puts together all of our trade show booths for our sales team to take on the road. Zoey has been with Midwest Design Imports since 2017. She took her first trip to Asia to help source new products and meet with our factories in 2018 and her designs have been bought by three large key accounts.

Zoey has a hard time picking her favorites, especially when it comes to food, but at the moment her favorite food is steak tacos. She loves to travel to the Rocky Mountains and breathe in the mountain air. Zoey has an F1B Goldendoodle named Boris who loves to borrow her clothes.

Ellie Rasmussen meet our team

Ellie Rasmussen

Key Account Executive

Ellie Rasmussen is Midwest Design Imports Inc.’s Key Account Executive. Ellie has been with Midwest Design Imports since 2017. Ellie puts her heart and soul into her position working on getting our products into new key accounts and helping independent retailers.

Ellie has two Miniature Australian Shepherds named Baron and Adonis. Her favorite place to travel is wherever the sun is shining and it is 70+ degrees. Ellie’s favorite food is pasta and shrimp.

dusty hoeg meet our team

Dusty Hoeg

Logistics Coordinator

Dusty is Midwest Design Imports, Inc.’s Logistics Coordinator. He has been with the company since 2015. In this role, he works with our overseas vendors placing purchase orders, reviewing production photos, and assisting with in house shipping.

Dusty’s favorite food is pizza. Even though, Dusty likes adventure he has never flown on an airplane before.

With this team of hardworking and dedicated individuals, we will provide you with the best services possible. Learn more about what we do and the products we provide and be sure to contact us to get your questions answered!