Touch of Nature® Braided Lanyard 17" Clipstrip, 1pc (24pcs in the assortment) UPC #6 84653 14309 5

Must be ordered in multiples of 24; SAVINGS OF 90%

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Braided Lanyard 17″ Clipstrip Assortment 24pcs/PVC CLIPSTRIP (Minimum Finished Length of 17″, this includes: 2″ loop for attachment, 2-3″ twisted multi-colored area, 2-3″ solid area with 2-3″ X pattern area; 4 each of 6 colors) w/4pcs same color attached to each clip x 6 clips on clip strip of the following: A. Turquoise, forest green with pink X’s, yellow, red with turquoise X’s, pink; B. Green, orange with navy blue X’s, white, fuchsia with green X’s, navy blue; C. Mint, aqua with red X’s, purple, pink with mint X’s, red; D. Red, turquoise with white X’s, yellow, black with red X’s, white; E. Yellow gold, aqua with red X’s, turquoise, pink with yellow X’S, fuchsia; F. Pink, aqua with red X’s, green, yellow with pink X’s, fuchsia.


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